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by Sandra Foyt on November 30, 2010

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I don’t always feel fearless. Most days I’m just in gotta-get-it-done mode, not really thinking things through; just doing my best. So, it was such a shot in the arm to wake up this morning and discover my name on Kikolani’s Women in Blogging: 125 Fearless Female Bloggers.

But, you know what? When it comes to blogging, I am fearless.

Every day, I’m exploring my path, discovering new ways to do things. Today, I can point to two new ventures.

On Albany Kid, I hosted my first giveaway of a $50 Visa Gift Card, with mixed results. When I started the giveaway, I thought it would be a powerful draw. $50 seems like a lot of money to me, and anyone could enter with a comment. Well, on a resource blog, asking for comments is a big deal. And, I might have made it too complicated.

I followed an example I’d seen on a blog that regularly hosts giveaways, where readers can earn extra entries through signing up for related social media. But, I noticed that some participants who were already eligible for those extra entries, didn’t follow up. I don’t know if it was because they didn’t want to post comments, if they weren’t interested in winning the prize, if it has something to do with social media use, or something else altogether.

It could very well be a reflection of the kind of readers the blog enjoys, and their social media preferences. That’s a good lesson, and also an example that you can learn from experiences that don’t necessarily work out as well as you might like.

My other new venture is my first guest post. This one was pure success. New readers will learn about The Journey Mom, this blog will get another valuable backlink; but really, the best part of the experience was writing an article that I probably wouldn’t have done for my current venues.

I loved, loved, loved pulling out old photos and writing about the early years, when I brought home Baby Alex. It was an opportunity to think about my parenting philosophy, something that gets lost in the day to day, but is just as important now as ever.

Maybe I should pull out photos from the vault more often, it’s so much fun. We’ll see. But, I’ll definitely be doing more guest posts. It’s good for the blog, but it’s even better for pushing me to push through to better writing. You know, fearlessly.


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